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Wedding Music


The choice of the music of accompaniment of a wedding shouldn't be considered a detail.
Music will enrich the wedding with atmosphere and personality. With the right music, the ceremony will be more touching, the party will be more complete and elegant.

We will deal with your choice of music and also some more practical aspects, for example: locations where to place the musicians, number and type of musicians, tax obligations...
There are different kind of music that can be used during the various stages of the day: sacred music, the classical genre, jazz, swing, pop music.
The music has to be the right soundtrack of all times: guest’s welcome, bridegroom’s arrival, entrance of bride and groom, banqueting and party, wedding cake and toast, the first romantic dance...

The first step is to book a personal consultation, so that we can to know you, discuss your ideas and inspire you with our outstanding portfolio of past events.
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