Wedding etiquette? Yes or not?

For  lot of time, there have been lists of "to do list" and "don't to do list" in a wedding. All changes, but there are some points that couples have to respect and don't have to respect:

  • You cannot see your bride/groom before cerimony, in the wedding day.
  • The bride have to toss the bouquet but don't have to toss the garter. 
  • Your wedding coul be every day of the week, not only in weekend.
  • If your guests come from afar, you have to provide transportation and hospitlity.
  • If you don’t have a parent or someone else in your life that you feel needs to “give you away,” then you can walk to your fiancé all by yourself.
  • If you want, a friend of yours colud be a officiant (in some relogious cerimony it couldn't be).
  • Invitations have to be in write form! But first you can call your relative/friends and announce it.
  • Instead of a wedding cake, you can have a more modern dessert buffet or a cupcakes cake or a maccaron's cake!


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