Villa Cipriani Asolo

"The Villa Cipriani, the best place to stay in the center of Asolo.
The Cipriani is the most glorious Tuscan villa that just happens to be nowhere near Tuscany.
It has plenty of little secluded patios and a view over a valley that you just couldn't tire of,
particularly if you're sipping a Bellini at one of the tables at the garden's edge…"

Mark O'Flaherty -The Guardian-

Embranced by scenic hills inside the walls of the delightful medieval village of Asolo.

Villa Cipriani transforms reality into a dream. The most exciting page of the book of your life is yet to be written, we will help you make it unforgettable.
Luxury and elegance, but also passion and heart. The details make the difference, but the feelings have always ”packaged” perfection.
Our staff will transform the most important day of your life in a real fairy tale. In the enchanted heart of the town of hundred horizonts, between history, art and culture, Villa Cipriani is the most suitable location to frame forever the memories of a lifetime.

The style and unquestioned elegance that Villa Cipriani are enhanced by our renowned expertise in the management of special events. For us, the fundamental imperative is to satisfy every request. Ability and skill here are the key in the tradition of our services, to offer a world of excellence, where the ability to bring passion and expertise are the foundation of our commitment. We at Villa Cipriani have the desire to make you remember the happiest moments in a dream setting and above all with a valuable service.

History is not made of dates, but individuals, small details that have forever changed the course of events. Nothing is left to chance. Villa Cipriani has great attention to detail. The need of refinement and luxury of taste for excellence at its best: a coffee bean or a rose petal can change your table and make your day more harmonious.