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Makeup and hairstyle services


A different make up for every face and for every personality, this is our philosophy!
Our task is to help the bride (and also bridesmaids, relatives and guests) to know herself and discover her own personality and her own style, through the help of a hair stylist and a beautician.
Every bride will be the most beautiful woman in the world and her personality will came to light and if she will be enhanced by an attractive look, a good deal of charm, a certain way of relating with the others.
But how? We help the bride to find her kind of beauty, we drive her in the art to enhance her personality, we suggest her the appropriate treatments, the hairstyle and the make-up.
For all this we have excellent staff, formed by the best professional experts with which we organize a complete plan of beauty and relax, to make sure that the bride would be on the altar in her best form.

We have a lot of things to decide: a morning make-up or an evening make-up? Would the bride be wearing a simple, romantic, smart or modern look?
Thanks to our staff we're able to study and suggest the right harmony of a set of details: an hairstyle that values and that is suited to the chosen dress; a make up that highlights, without overloading, features of face and that a perfect result for photographs.

Everything must be in harmony: makeup, hairstyle, look (dress and accessories), physicality and personality of the bride. Apart from this you must take into consideration: the style of wedding, all the details of the evening, intolerances or allergies to certain cosmetic products, time and type of the ceremony, the bride's ideas and the bride's dreams...
For this to be accomplished is necessary to have a certain understanding and harmony with the bride, to know her preferences and her tastes, to know her physical features (skin, face's features, age) and her personality.

The first step is to book a personal consultation, so that we can to know you, discuss your ideas and inspire you with our outstanding portfolio of past events. 
Why not contact us for an informal chat on how we could work together?